Trident Surfacing has done a lot of major specialty flooring, floor waterproofing, athletic surfacing and promenade roof work.
But that's not all we do. A great deal of our business has always been smaller service jobs where owners or general contractors call us in for fast, accurate work over existing surfaces or to solve existing flooring problems. We've done a lot of these jobs since we started our business in 1928. We like them because they're tricky, challenging and they give us an opportunity to make new friends. For trowel-applied, seamless floors with special characteristics we are the best
in the business. Floors that are waterproof, chemically resistant, fire retardant or fireproof, hard, resilient, sound deadening, non-dusting, electrically conductive, skid resistant, non-absorbing, flexible, colorful... you name it. We have the capability and experience to do the best job for you.

We are called in on this kind of work because general contractors and owners have confidence in us. They know us by our reputation and our experience. They know we move fast and that our crews of specially trained craftsmen have been with us for years. We work weekends and round-the-clock when necessary to give our clients the performance they require. Difficult conditions on the job don't bother us. We are ready to serve wherever and whenever our customers need us. Our sales estimators are fully experienced, always understanding of what our customers need and expect. We know how to prepare the toughest kind of floors to receive our materials, expertly judging what has to be removed and what may remain. Our reputation tells you we're prepared to detail, explain, specify and install the right job anywhere, anytime - on time.

The job pictures you see here are a few typical projects we have installed in Florida.

Our client list includes owners, architects, general contractors - many of whom you're sure to recognize. While we install all kinds of troweled flooring - asphaltic compositions, neoprenes, epoxies, and acrylics - we confine ourselves to use of only the finest materials for each type. We'd be pleased to show you a complete list of our jobs and clients and hope you will feel free to ask any of them about us and about our work. If you're interested in specific job histories that relate to your current project we'll be happy to discuss them with you.

Every Trident Surfacing installation is fully guaranteed. We've been in business since 1928 and we plan to be around for a long time. We want and need your business - no matter how small, big, complex or demanding. Trident Surfacing provides full insurance on every job. Give us a call.

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